Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene

June 06, 2017

Jaljeevika (Each drop of water adding value to livelihoods)

Jaljeevika (Each drop of water adding value to livelihoods)

     From 1st September 2013 onwards, GU has adopted an inclusive approach to create an enabling environment for a meaningful participation of all stakeholders so as to engage them to reaching out to groups who normally do not get involved in water issues. Our process of approach is to help communities help design and construct their own sustainable water connection systems and toilet construction through new solutions, new credit facility models, greater transparency for creating a lasting change.  
Key Activities: 
• Baseline Study & Assessment
• Community Mobilization
• Awareness Generation
• Exposure visit Water.org’s partner organization 
• WATSAN product Marketing
• IEC material Development
• Loan Administration
• Technical assistance to clients
• Monitoring & Evaluation
• Impact Assessment
• Administration & Governance