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Case Study

Surekha is no more wasting time for water

About family-     Surekha Behera W/o- Brundaban Behera living with her family at Ektala village in  Rajkanika Block under Kendrapara district. Practically she is a very poor housewife. Her family members are her husband and three sons who are studying in school. Her husband is working as a vegetable vendor and moving door to door for getting Rs.200/- @day. There is no other source of income in her family and they are maintaining their family from hand to mouth.                                                                                                                                                                                    
Problem- The main problem was in her family, she was not accessing the drinking water easily and very difficult for her to fetch water from long distance. She found it difficult to look after her children as well supporting to her husband. Always her children were suffered various diseases and she had to spent much more time and money for this purpose. Sometimes she was also losing her social prestige for collecting water at public stand post. 

GU Intervention- When she came to know from Jaljeevika Awareness program which was organized by Gram-Utthan with support of water.org in her village that, GU is providing technical support along with financial support to the SHG members with less interest for water connection. She felt very lucky as a member of SHG formed by GU.  Immediately she discussed with her husband and decided to have a pipe water connection at their door step by taking loan support from Gram-Utthan. In next SHG meeting she discussed with GU field staff and applied a loan for pipe water connection. Soon after she applied a loan for the water connection the technical person from Gram-Utthan visited her house for site selection and list of materials. Gram-Utthan also sanctioned her loan application and disbursed the loan amount of Rs.10000/- on March-2016.She brought the pipe water connection from public pipe line to her door step with the technical guidance of GU personnel with Panchayat approval.  

Impact- After completion of her water connection the technical person of Gram-Utthan taught her, how to collect drinking water from pipe and how the water source point have to maintain in a hygienic condition. Now she is using her drinking water from newly connected pipe and feels very comfort and happiness. The most important thing is that she is using this water for drinking and bathing purposes and not going outside as earlier. Now she is getting sufficient time to look after the study of her children and supporting her husband for vegetable cultivation. With an example of her family the other members of her SHG now motivated to have their pipe water connection at door step with support of Gram-Utthan.

Vocational Skill Training

A Small Effort of KISD bring Happiness in the Life of a Women

Mrs. Mamata Jena

“There may not be anybody to help to women, orphans, widow or those who are helpless in this World But God is there who can provide everything to them through the God chosen people”. This is the statement of Mamata Jena (W/o – Jagabandhu Jena) a women of 42 years old, Village – Jarda of Ramachandrapur panchayat of Keonjhar District, Odisha.
Mamata Jena is a Woman, who is staying along with Two Sons (those who have students). Her husband work as sales man nearby village of a business man. And her family depend open husband income and that’s insufficient for her families. Lastly she decided to learn tailoring at their village centre of our KISD.She take training of our centre at the period of 3 months. Now she complete the training and now she buy a tailoring machine and stitching in the home and now he got independent for some money to income for their families. Now days she maintain their families and her son’s studies expenditure smoothly, a small effort of KISD can help to Mamata Jena for their life.
Due to aged, she never thinks about her life is end she give their efforts in a good way and she struggle in her life, finally she achieve their happiness. Now days she encouraged to other women and girls of their village, for do anything for self independents. While the training Service programme of KISD started the training in her village, she came to know and Registration her name and on the first day of visit, she just shared about her problem to Mamata Madam (Tailoring Trainer) and received the training and after get train, she continued to take the job from 3 months. After 3 months, she already a self independent women in her village   but also gave thank to KISD team, because at the time of training, she gets the training her door step from her village itself and at the time of helpless age or life, now she is benefit. So, she is very much thankful to KISD for its philanthropic service.