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November 11, 2020

Life Skill Education and Skill Development Training for distress women and adolescent girls under WFD & AGEP Programme in slums of Bhubaneswar and Puri.

Empowering women and girls to be change agents for their community

Gram-Utthan has partnered with NOMI Network which is an international organization which strives to build a world where every woman and girl is free. We along with NOMI Network understand that poverty and economic marginalization are the primary drivers of gender vulnerability for exploitation.

The project strives to create pathways for safe environment and economic stability, thereby preventing trafficking and empowering women to rewrite their own narratives. Gram-Utthan with support from NOMI Network serves women and girls in communities with highest incidences of labour trafficking and sexual exploitation in four urban slums of Bhubaneswar and one slum in Puri.

Since inception in 2018, Gram-Utthan has provided lifeskill and vocational training to 550 women in nine batches under its flagship “Work Force Development programme” and has been instrumental in securing jobs for 151 women and has successfully empowered an additional 82 women to start their own nano venture.

Further, under the Adolescent Girls Empowerment programme, Gram-Utthan has capacitated more than 350 adolescent girls from urban slums of Puri and Bhubaneswar with lifeskill education on child rights, sexual and reproductive health, financial literacy and career readiness with vocational training.